Impact Of Students' Use Of Technology In Their Learning Achievements

Impact Of Students’ Use Of Technology In Their Learning Achievements


In the fast-paced digital era technology is the past and parcel of every one life. Since no child is free from the addictions of technology. Technology has many benefits and users are effectively adopting these benefits. Due to the development of technology online education is become very common, students and teachers get maximum benefits from the learning environment.

It has been found that technology has empowered students as well as teachers in order to modify, promote and foster the learning achievements at maximum level. Education technology also helps the learner to established and groom their personal, professional, and intellectual skills. It has been seen that technology has transform learning and teaching experience from teacher-centred to student-centred. Thus this revolution will influence increase learning experience. technology improve and create great opportunities for students in order to groom creativity, develop problem-solving, communication skills, informational and analytical skills and other technical skills. All these skills play the significant role in student achievement.

There are many companies that bring education or innovative technology to schools. These innovative products design so that students get maximum learning through advance and user-friendly tools and gadgets. Apple Company said that proper integration of technology in the classroom will provide the higher level of student achievements.  It is revealed that technology has the positive impact on student achievements when teachers effectively integrate pedagogical philosophies of teaching with appropriate technologies to enhance the learning experience. Computer Aided Instruction CAI is another innovation of technology that influences students self-learning capability. With such technology students, test scores have been improving. Also reading and mathematical skills also improve when the student used educational technology. Hence, all these improvement and advancement is correlated to student’s achievements.

it is been seen that due to technology schools adopted simulation and modelling teaching techniques mainly in a computer, science  Assignments Help and other subjects in which modelling technique is proving effective and contribute students to achieve academic goals. There were many researchers that found that technology makes students effective learners.

There are four areas that influence student’s achievements due to technology:

Mastering Fundamental skills:

Reading, writing, and arithmetic is the basic skills for student achievement. Researchers have found that now students use technology in their daily life to practice these skills. It is further discovered that technology help students to learn faster, better and foster develop best possible. It is also found that students who practice and learn the task by using a modern approach rather than the traditional approach such as pencil and paper has performed better and students achieve higher academic goals. Also, students are more motivated when they used technology in the learning process.

Becoming Proficient Users of Technology:

The researcher found that young generation/ students are more familiar with the technology, they quickly adopt technology and now they become the proficient users of technology. This thing opens up the new way of learning and achieving academic goals. Technology help students to gain new skills, become a proficient user of technology so that student prepare themselves for future achievements. The web is another technology that helps students to do an in-depth search in any subject area.  Due to the frequent use of technology students can better express their ideas and thoughts creatively and clearly. Hence with all these things student success and accomplished desire achievements.

Preparing Students with 21st-century skills:

Technology prepares students with advanced and updated skills. The increasing competition among students, and relevant fields and the rapidly changing technology demand students to learn and apply new skills in their academic and professional life. With the help of technology, students groom their different skills such as verbal and non-verbal communication. The ACOT study discovers that classroom that adopts technology where students interact with their peers and teachers more effectively than in the traditional classroom. Technology provides tools that solve problems like modelling tools help students to gain the deep understanding of the concepts.

Motivating Students to Higher Levels of Achievement:

Technology influence and motivate students to accomplished more academic achievements. One of the most important considerations that due to technology student’s attitude or behaviour toward learning is changed. Technology has modified the teaching practices due to which students take interest in the learning process. Hence all these things happen due to technology which ultimately impacts students learning achievements.


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