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At the end of 2017, the price of bitcoin highly increased up to the $20,000 level. But at the beginning of 2018, it pretended to fall. However, most of the cryptocurrency experts predict that this price will rise over the $49,000 level within next five years.

So making your own bitcoin is a good future investment. There are two main mining methods. First one is cloud mining and the second method is using bitcoin mining hardware. Always mining hardware is more profitable than cloud mining; it is an excellent choice to start mining with a best bitcoin mining hardware.

Evolution of the Bitcoin Mining hardware

bitcoin mining hardware evaluation

The very first bitcoin machine was built in 2009. In that machine, the main technology used is multi-core CPUs. A person, who had 2 or 3 computers, was able to connect those machines and start mining bitcoin. It needed to make adjust some specifications and most of the guys able to earn 5USD a day.

In that period of time, the mining difficulty was very low because a few amounts of people knew about bitcoin mining. Then bitcoin mining was promoted using the Bitcointalk forum, and people knew about this field.

As the difficulty increased, many engineers tried to build something different rather than CPUs. As a result, in 2010, a team designed to code for bitcoin mining which works with GPUs. Mining using GPU was effortless when compared to CPUs.

Because of the rapid increase of bitcoin mining, the difficulty to mine increased, and people needed a best bitcoin mining hardware works better than GPU miners.

The arrival of FPGA Technology

fpga technology arrival

FPGA stands for the Field programmable gate arrays. It was extremely powerful than GPUs. FPGA technology designed to work with a less amount of energy. It consumed only three times less power than GPU miners.

As it produced bitcoin in a large scale, some companies started thinking about mining their own bitcoin in commercial level. As a result, they created bitcoin farms. This was the first turning point in bitcoin mining technology.

Most of the companies started their own mining farms with their private capital. Some companies began crowdfunding systems and introduced the cloud mining system.

With the popularity of the whole cryptocurrency field, regular guys also started mining as a hobby using FPGA miners. As a result, the mining difficulty further increased.

Modern Bitcoin mining hardware technology

With the increment of technology, mining designers thought about building a machine which can generate a profit larger than 80 times like FPGA miner. As a result, ASIC technology introduced in mining hardware.

ASIC stands for application specific integrated circuit. Miners with ASIC are powerful 100 times like FPGA miners. The ability to make bitcoin measure by the hash rate. These miners are not very expensive more than FPGA miners.

According to the best bitcoin mining hardware review of productsexplainer, this technology increased the purchasing of bitcoin machines by more than 200%.

Many companies knew about the profitability of ASIC mining hardware and started shared mining farms with large capital. Genesis Company is a good example.

This is the most stable and profitable technology ever found after FPGA. Engineers still try to move for new technology. We can guess that it will design with the help of Nanotech.

Features of ASIC mining hardware

Lightweight and Less volume – The weight and the volume are very less compared to the old miners. The average size is like a UPS of a computer. They can move easily and store in a small area.

Less Heat Release – Most of the FPGA and CPU miners emit a lot of heat when they are working. If they work continuously without a break, there is a possibility to catch fire due to the large heat it produces. ASIC miners do not generate such a big heat, but it also produces a considerable amount of heat.

Most of the modern bitcoin miners come with good heatsinks and cooling systems. It is good if you can arrange an additional ventilation system.

Conclusion about modern best bitcoin mining hardware

There are some advanced mining machine technologies rather than ASIC. But they are not stable and still on the experimental level. If you like to buy mining hardware to generate good profits, I suggest you buy good mining hardware like Antminer S9 with ASIC tech.

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