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A new-concept video competition website, Garfum, is a completely innovative idea like having fun with videos, which provides its users an unprecedented scope to win prizes and loads of cash all through the year. Garfum, being a class of its own, like no other site before, is easily recommendable to anyone, young or old, who are fond of entertainment and always seek for new things in life. Just that, the users and the competitors need to unroll their creative abilities. This site summons the common people and the users to win video competition prizes in $$$ or, as rewards, announcing winners. This is a social video contest website which invites all people to make money while uploading videos and for casting their votes. The top ten videos that would win the highest votes every month will emerge with flying colors and win cash prizes. The favorite videos, uploaded during the contest period, will be judged and voted by the viewers themselves.

There is a mammoth collection of videos in the database in classified categories. Mostly, the choicest and the best videos are to be enjoyed in this site, which includes hilarious videos, cute and hot ones, and specially, all the flocks of funny stuffs, loads of chicks, kick-ass stuffs and all that comes to your mind! The winner of the uploaded top videos will proceed each month towards the Video Offs Garfum Yearly Grand Championship.

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A grand prize winner will win a giant sum of $$$ twenty-five thousand in this championship. As you participate, or be a viewer, you earn one ‘GarBuck’ with each of the votes you submit. You are limited to winning twenty GarBucks each day, if you are a registered user. However, you can still vote all day. You can just begin to upload videos, share them with your family and friends who all are in your social network, with the user getting himself/herself registered to the site. Not just that, but at the same time, you can even take a look to know who is leading ahead to rise up to the top in the voted videos in category, or the recently added ones, or the most likes, or the ones that are trending.


As you win the Garbuck rewards you can shop in the website’s Garfum Reward Centre very easily. The centre offers to buy things like gift cards, T shirts, and a lot more to arrive. Additionally, there will be interesting awards every month. All through the year, the website adds a new competition every month so as to keep things new and interesting.

You can invite any friend or family member to vote you and glide you up the ladder, helping you acquire stardom. Not just that, this all are absolutely free for both you and your voter. Interestingly, there is no expert judging panel, or any other decision-maker who would judge your work. All you need is talent and creativity and the slogan in mind- “You need to be played to get paid”!


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