IPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8 – Detailed Comparison:

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Smartphone wars took a new edge last year once the iPhone X and its long aspired rival Galaxy Note 8 hit the market. Both the smartphones grasped the market with high sales and riveting admiration, and became as the best-selling phones among all in the market. But their competition too got increased when many of their fans started comparing them in order to conclude which one is the best and winner in the market. So we have compiled a detailed review below, in which all the aspects and features of both the smartphones are discussed, and based on that you are free to conclude your own decision that which one beholds top place in the market.

  1. Display and Design:

Samsung has created an intrinsic trend in reducing the phone bezels with its Galaxy 8 series, which created a huge thrill in the market and many smartphones brands started to follow it as well. So this trend also kept continued in the Galaxy Note 8 as well, in which the phone has been beautifully crafted with very less bezels and has been made up with a screen of 6.3 inches.

Whereas iPhone X this time has also come up with a unique display in competence with its Note 8 rival. As the phone has been totally made in a stretched design from top to bottom and both sides. It has a screen of 5.8 inch, but its elusive round stretchy display makes it one of the most stylish model iPhone has ever produced till of yet.

  1. Performance:

Making comparison about the performance, iPhone X wins the race because of its newly introduced powerful A11 Bionic processor. The processor has been ranked as the topper in many features and it surely beats the Snapdragon 835 of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.

Testing on the renowned Geekbench4, which measures the overall performance of the phones. Apple iPhone X tops the chart with a score of 10,357, whereas Note 8’s Snapdragon got an overall score of 6,564 which literally shows that Note 8 remains well behind iPhone X in terms of compelling overall performance.

  1. Camera:

Samsung’s Note 8 has been engrossed with the high quality 12-MP Camera with an f/1.7 aperture accompanied by a telephoto lens. The combo of this was inspired from the iPhone 7 Plus edition which released in 2016, and intrinsically made headlines everywhere because of its high quality result. So Samsung this time, introduced this dual camera feature in its Note 8 in order to fight the emerging trend of dual back cameras set by iPhone.

Whereas iPhone has also a 12-MP Camera with a much more optimized f/2.4 aperture that takes much greater photos and qualitative shots in contrast to Galaxy Note 8. While the intrinsic lightning effects embedded inside it, also takes beefed-up portraits and makes your snaps memorable than ever.

  1. Storage:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 offers the storage of 64GB, which in many terms is not enough for the smartphone having the entrancing feature like one of the Note 8. And in contrast to it, iPhone X offers a blend of both 64GB and 256GB storage in order to comply more with the user’s needs to offer greater storage capabilities. The pricing for both of these storage intrigues does differ hugely, but offering it gives a huge advantage to iPhone X to gain competitive advantage over Samsung’s Note 8.

  1. Pricing:

Comparing the cost of these smartphones, both comes up with a very hefty price tag and you will have to get lot of bucks in your wallet to buy one of these phones. But comparing on one to one basis, iPhone does comes with a high cost. As the pricing of iPhone X 64GB starts from $999 and becomes even much costly for its 256GB storage version i.e $1,149.

Whereas for Galaxy Note8, the pricing starts from $950, which in comparative terms is little cheap if compared to that one of iPhone X. But as an overall, Note 8 is too regarded as one of the most highly-priced models of Samsung as of yet.

So comprising the above detailed comparison, both iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has taken the center stage in the market, and have literally set new bars for many smartphone brands. If looked adequately, both of these models are right on top in their precised domain.

That is why many tech enthusiasts do rates both of these smartphones on the same page according to their unified designing, storage capabilities and other meticulous features. So, now you can flash some memories with Mens Leather Jacket and explore latest features along with it .

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