Emerging Smartphone Repairing Industry

Seven Important Tidbits About The Emerging Smartphone Repairing Industry


During recent years Smartphone’s have become so commonplace that they can be rightfully considered an extra limb on your body. This suggests that the Smartphone industry is growing like never before. With competitive prices and a whole range of options available in the market now it is much easier to own a mobile phone, unlike earlier times when mobile phones used to a priority of only a select few having a fat income at their disposal. This sudden boom in the smartphone industry is responsible for the rise of a secondary industry that specializes in tablets and mobile phone repair and upgrades. Here are some of the important facts about the emerging smartphone industry:

  • In less than two years, more than two-thirds of mobile phone repair shop owners have entered the market despite having no prior experience in this particular field. More importantly, most of these shops are managed single-handedly by the owner and nearly quarters have less than five employees. Add to this the new and emerging online repair centres. This very well sums up the fact that the mobile phone repair industry is still in its nascent stage and has a tremendous possibility of growth in the years to come. It also brings us to the fact that entering the industry is pretty easier.
  • As per the market expectation, the smartphone repair industry is expected to grow by at least 5 per cent for the next few years. This suggests that the industry will soon reach a total of $1.5 billion. The main reason for this is the expensive cost of mobiles and the number of small parts that can be easily repaired cheaply.
  • A majority of smartphones have been replaced as a result of broken screens and other minor repairs and yet the smartphone repairing industry is booming at an unprecedented level. Thanks to the growing second-hand mobile phone market. While a majority of people choose to replace their mobile phone rather than getting it repaired, the old mobile phone usually ends up being bought by somebody else who is not able to afford those features at the price offered and hence considers it a good investment despite it being old and used.
  • The resale value offered by certain brands is to some extent also responsible for the rising repair centres. Take for instance Apple iPhones. They retain around 50%of their total resale value when they are resold for the first time. The recognition, durability and quality offered by it work in its favour increasing its resale value thus benefiting the repair industry.
  • A large part of the mobile phone repair centre, around 60% to be precise, deals in selling smartphone accessories such as charger, air phone along with other defensive gear such as screen protector etc. Also, given the high resale value prompts users to fix the minor damages and sell it when they still can.
  • A new device is not always the best option given the high cost. In the majority of cases, people prefer to get their mobile phone fixed rather than going for an upgrade. This is where the repair industry comes to play. In some cases, the after-sales support is both expensive and complex which discourages users from approaching the official service centre and instead go to the repair centres.
  • Despite the fact that improved models of smartphones are being launched every single day offering new features and specifications the durability of these phones is still an issue. Various factors such as short battery life of the phone, fragile LCD screen and other breakable parts make them more likely to end up in repair centres.
  • The low barrier to the industry also acts towards the rise of this new industry. The most important things needed to set up a mobile repair centre is space and some hands-on experience along with the necessary tools all of which are easily available. Therefore more and more pioneers are joining this still rising industry with each passing day and bringing their experience in the field. Due to the competition has increased suddenly because finding a repair shop has become much easier these days as compared to earlier when the only option was to approach an authorized service centre. However, at Togofogo you can find the best repairing services for your choice.


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