What is Rich Media Ads

Rich Media Ads: Types of Rich Media Ads and Their Benefits

Digital Marketing

Agencies are using different traditional media like (Newspaper, Tv, Billboard) to promote their client’s brands.  

Now digital media advertisement is growing and new media formats are coming out. One of which is Rich Media Ads.

Rich Media Ads gives more options to your brand, you can use Expand, flip, Expandable, full Screen & Mobile rich media ads format for your digital campaign.

Rich media advertisement provides you more interaction with the brand at less cost as compared to the traditional media campaign. It also provides a different matrix for your brand.

Types of Rich Media Ads

They are different types of rich media ad formats available for your brand

  • Interactive Banner Ads

You can promote your brand through the banner ads. You can place multiple videos in one banner ad and place this banner ad at top of the website. You can interact with these ads & after clicking on this banner ad, it will take you to the company website.

  • HTML5 Expandable Ads

HTML 5 Expandable banner ads are rich media ad format. You can expand the ads format as their click on the ad. You can also view these ads on mobile and tablet devices.

  • Pushdown Slider Ads

In this Rich media ad format, you can place pushdown slider, where your ads appeared. You can interact with an ad or close the ad

  • Video Wall with Leave Behind

Videowall with Leave Behind is a rich media ad format containing a full-browser panel with a lightbox effect as well as a leave behind that stays aligned to the bottom right corner of the browser viewport. A creative asset is sub-loaded over the lightbox effect and contains a video. The auto-expanded panel will auto-collapse after a user-defined timeout length.

  • Instream Ads

In-Stream ads are allowing fast and structured implementation of multiple videos and images, in which there will be least or no coding needed. In-Stream Ads Could Be Pre-roll, Mid-roll, and Post-roll.

  • Mobile Interstitial Ad Banner

Overlay content duration should not be more than 5 seconds. If the user does not interact with the banner, the banner will close in automation after 5 seconds. We can embed the video in the mobile responsive ad. Mobile responsive banners will adjust its height & width of user mobile screen.

You can choose a different type of Rich media ad formats which is good for your brand

Benefits of Rich Media Ads:

  • Brand Awareness

Rich Media Ads increase your brand awareness, due to which brand arability is more as compared to traditional media ads.

  • Campaign Measurement

It provides you more detail metrics of your brand, interaction ads, clicks through rate & how many people view your ads.

  • Cost Effective Campaign Budget

Rich Media Advertisement help you design your campaign within your budget. Rich Media Inc. takes care of every agency, advertiser & publisher need from SME to large corporates.

  • Brand Interaction

Your brand can get more interaction and expression due to the dynamic creative, video & audio format

  • Ad innovation

You get the latest Rich Media innovative ad format for your brand

  • Delivery Time

In traditional style, you have to wait for 3 to 5 days to manage and run the campaign, but Rich Media Ads are start displaying in 24 hour.

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