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8 Reasons You Should NOT Buy Instagram Followers

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Sometimes you may have seen some ads offering active followers on Instagram for $100 or more than this. Don’t ever think about them. These kind of ads are so tempting. Similarly, do not go for Instagram likes. Likewise, these tempting offers can destroy your account’s standing.

1. Avoid engagement of Fake Instagram Followers with your account

How can you believe that paid followers can show any genuine engagement with your account? Most of the time they nonhuman, bot accounts. You can only expect an automated comment, “nice post” or like from these accounts. Always brands choose the best influencers to work with them and prior to this they always check out their validation. The behaviors of your followers should be engaging otherwise they are of no use.

2.  You Have Mismatched Engagement Compared to Genuine Accounts

Most of the time bot account as recognized via they engagement level which is in most cases I average. So they can be spotted very quickly. Sometimes they engagements levels are found too high. Some of the Instagrammers and bloggers have created their own society where they decided to comments and like each other’s posts. Still, it is better than using fake accounts. Though they are unable to give value additions to your brand as brand promotion require to have relationships with genuine influencers.

3. Beware of Inappropriate Bot Comments on your Posts

Some clever fake account holders use another trick of changing the language that is quite different from your local language. Due to a communication gap, you won’t be able to understand the meaning of their comment unless you use Google Translator. This comment may belong to some political extremist or any other prohibited material.

Another ploy that they use very carefully is using generic comments. Such comments cannot be judged easily. And if they are inappropriate, your account may hang on the spot. Such comments can also affect your other followers.

4. Spam problems with paid Followers


Either paid followers are entirely fake or they bring spam into your account. Once you purchase fake follower, you will welcome pile of spams with them. Moreover, it may not be limited to your Instagram account. Surely you have provided your email address and they won’t be shamed to attack your email addresses as well. Spammers will spread throughout your account including Buy Instagram Followers. Maybe your followers, follow them. Once they detect the fakeness of such an account, you will start losing your genuine followers.

5. Instagram Identifies and expels Fake Followers

Instagram is a world-renowned networking site that can’t bear any spot on their goodwill. So certain methods are used to eradicate fake accounts. They have set certain rules to distinguish the fake account. All your money will be lost when these fake followers get disappear from your account immediately.

6.  Paying for followers is parallel to break Instagram’s Terms of Service

 Instagram’s rules and regulations do not allow to purchase followers plus any existence of fake followers. Instagram not only eradicates them but take serious actions if they found in any relatable practices. So you may lose credibility of your account. Once Instagram will warn you about the prohibited activity but they won’t bother again.


7. Fake Followers are the destruction of Your Credibility as an Influencer

Your validations can be in doubt if you intend to buy fake followers. The genuine account always finds organic ways of generating followers on their accounts. Avoid taking shortcuts no matter how much time it will take to acquire followers. You can use genuine ways to increase your credibility like sharing quality content on your account, run your ads or you may buy them from genuine sources. Do not waste your money on buying followers, rather spend them on advertising or boosting through other social media accounts. It will surely help you more than dodges practices.

8. Fake Followers can’t help to earn money

So wind up you will be compelled to ask yourself that why do you need to purchase followers? Even when you’re not sure about their validation and you may doubt on their engagement as well. If you really intended to be among influencers for brands then you need to be very careful because they can easily spot false methods of gaining followers. Further brands do not only depends upon the follower count. Nowadays brands are using various tools of promotion. They chose only worthy account which can provide them benefit by anyway. Otherwise, they don’t need bots at all.

Being a brand, if you have done promotion via purchasing fake followers ultimately your customers even loyal one will leave you. Instagram never ever bother any kind of fake accounts and all your money will simply go in waste.



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