Most Popular Top 10 Best New Android Games 2018

  1. Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 is the continuation of the cult series of games from Capcom. The game takes place in Africa in the Kijuju area. Professional soldier Chris Redfield, well known to players in the previous parts of Resident Evil, does not abandon the hope of erasing all traces of the activities of the organization, which has been developing biological weapons for several decades. In the fifth part, Chris will have to act with the partner Sheva Alomar. Adding an auxiliary character made the action even more stressful.

According to the plot of the game, partners working in Africa try to prevent terrorists from making a deal on biological weapons, but at a crucial moment it turns out that the terrorists have already used weapons on local residents, because of which Sheva and Chris have to find a weapon, and start cutting road among dozens and hundreds of people who have suddenly become enemies of the inhabitants of Africa.

Game play in front of the players is an action from a third party, which can be held alone or in a cooperative – the more dexterous Sheva performs the role of a scout, well, Chris is a militant and cover. Partners must go through fire and water, fight off the crowds of terrifying mutants and eventually get to the person who is behind the scenes.

  1. Happy Wheels

Description of the online game Happy Wheels. You visited a boarding house in which all its residents are united by one problem. These are people with disabilities. They are chained to a wheelchair. But their soul and thoughts are absolutely free. They do not consider themselves helpless creatures. Physically disabled, they are wrestlers and athletes in the heart.

Such people deserve respect and support. They even decided to organize competitions, rally in their wheelchairs. In the game, you can become an invisible guide for your hero. Not seeing you, he relies only on himself. But you can correct his movements in case of danger. In this way, you can save his life. Your control panel is a keyboard. The Space key starts and accelerates the movement. The arrow keys correct it. Be extremely attentive.

Management in the game is carried out using the keyboard. The arrow keys perform corresponding turns and changes in motion. The Space key starts and accelerates the movement. Download Happy Wheels Android Game from website for free with mod version.

  1. Fahrenheit

Fahrenheit – a game-movie, in fact, the first game of the genre of “interactive film”. The game tells the story of an ordinary employee of a New York bank named Lucas Kane, who completely unexpectedly kills himself in the toilet of the East End diner of an absolutely unfamiliar man. Lucas, who saw and realized everything that was happening, but could not help himself, tries to understand what influenced him, and what made him commit the murder. The investigating crime of the detective girl Carl Valenti is also interested in this issue because the usual at first glance the case is overgrown with unexpected details and hoaxes, in which Carl at first cannot believe. Download Here

  1. Terraria

Terraria – strategy. Create weapons to fight with different enemies in different biomes, build houses and locks, trade in the “sandbox” mode. Download from Play Store.

  1. Machinarium

Machinarium is an adventure game in which the main role is played by a small robot, which is accidentally thrown into the trash. He does not want to put up with such a fate and returns to the city to save his girlfriend from the clutches of bandits, on whose fault he was in the garbage dump. To achieve the goal, the player must solve a lot of puzzles and put together a lot of puzzles.

  1. Syberia

Syberia – the first part of a series of cult quests in steampunk style, developed by the Frenchman Benoit Sokal. in reviews about the game, you can read: “It’s hard to write about this game. It is a brilliant work, a masterpiece, the work of the Master. The most beautiful quest, the finest exquisitely philosophical plot, a fantastic story that could very well turn out to be real … The world created by Benoit Sokal is unique. “Download from Play Store.

  1. Syberia 3

Syberia 3 is a prequel of the famous quest, in which players will have to once again go to Siberia. The game will begin exactly at the moment where the first part ended – Kate is on the path of mammoths, which leads to a world where reality is mixed with the world of dreams. But what will happen next will depend on you. The game is created under the direct leadership of Benois Sokal himself, who was responsible for creating the brilliant first part of the game.

The consequence of this will be that the world will be more like a steampunk – magic and mysticism will be closely intertwined with technology and scientific progress. In addition, they will add a second playable character – it will be Victoria Macpherson, the heroine of the Still Life series from Microids, who for some reason came to Siberia. Everyone and so it is clear that the girl from the FBI corpses and secrets in the suitcase is much more than even the mammoths.

  1. ArcheAge

ArcheAge is the Korean MMORPG of the new generation, part of the development team of which took part in the development of Lineage. And it is felt not only in the fine study of graphics details but also in the implementation of original features. Initially, the game was paid, but later it was transferred to a free-2-play gaming system.


The game unfolds in a unique fantasy world, performed in the spirit of fantasy-steampunk. The world of Archage is based on the books of the Korean writer Min-Chi Chong, from which he derives some key elements. In Archage players expect large-scale PvP and PvE-battles, hunting for monsters, the ability to own their own territory, the construction of bases and much more.

  1. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a large-scale RPG, the action of which unfolds in the universe of “Star Wars”. However, the events of the game do not tell about the affairs of the “distant-distant galaxy” of the Empire’s sample – no. The game unfolds four thousand years before the events of the original trilogy, and the plot is based on a conflict between two extremely powerful Sith, Revan, and Malak, which is rapidly gaining momentum and leads to an unexpected ending.

Knights of the Old Republic is an adventure role-playing game in which the player has to balance between the Dark and Light sides of the Force, constantly facing a crossroads of moral dilemmas. Each phrase and action of the hero changes his “outlook”, and one way or another can affect the ending of the game, which consists of all the actions committed by the protagonist.

  1. Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombie are an atypical representative of the genre of “tower defense”. The essence of the game is clear already from the title and it consists in saving the suburban house from the invasion of zombies. Numerous corpses shuffle, swim and run along the lawn, which an amateur gardener plants with fighting plants – potato mines, peas, and other equally crazy fruits and vegetables. The goal of the player is to repulse all waves of the advancing living dead, which each time become stronger and more assertive, acquiring new abilities and equipment. Download from Play Store.

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