How Mobile Phone Voting App can Change Scenario of Elections?

How Mobile Phone Voting App can Change Scenario of Elections?

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India is the largest democracy of the globe. Currently, elections here are conducted using EVMs that is electronic voting machines. But there are a handful of politicians who are questioning the reliability of EVMs. When the Lok Sabha elections of 2019 are knocking the door, then such kind of questioning is making the process unreliable. So, there comes the need to introduce mobile phone voting app for conducting the elections.

As mobile phones have become a common mode of communication and hence, there is a rare household who doesn’t have a mobile. Thus, a mobile voting app could be introduced for conducting the elections. Such an initiative will enable the voters to cast their votes from the comfort of their house, which will ultimately increase the voter turnout during elections. The app designed for conducting political elections could be used for conducting elections of many other fields like that of shareholders, housing societies and many more.

What are the different ways of creating a voting account?

  1. General accounts: Voting accounts are created before people are invited to vote with proper authentication. A voter can set sign-in names and passwords and other personal details like name and email address in the account itself.  In case you are generating voting polls, then you have to include emails in the integrated bulk manager. It is used to send people vote invitation with an auto sign in links to the polls. This process becomes very simple for the voters as they need to simply click the link present in the email and the ballot will open after that they can vote.
  2. Website: If polls are hosted individually, that means without passing any personal details of the voters over the website, then that make the process more secure. In such a process, an auto sign in link to polls is placed on the website and in this way voting account gets created automatically when people click on that link. It is highly secure as only authorized people can vote and have access of the account and it is not dependent on the email security.
  3. Authentication: It is another method of creating voting accounts. According to this method the account is created by using existing sign-in names and passwords. By using this method, people could get invited directly at the sign-in page of the online ballot. This could be easily done by using existing sign-in details. A special URL is provided which helps in accessing the authentication of the user’s sign-in details.
  4. Invitation: In this method, voting PINs are issued to the people and they are invited to create their own sign-in name especially when they have visited the poll for the first time. This method of creating an account is used only when people already have a personal ID number.

By understanding these account creating methods, it is clear that elections could become simpler when mobile phone voting app is used. Voters have to just create the account in the app and cast their votes peacefully without any hassle.


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